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Road Master has been formed under Master Road Corporation with the aim to provide customers with the luxurious travel that they deserve. We further aim to reform intercity transportation in Pakistan by making customer journeys easier through technology and data. We provide modern ways to pay through travel cards and provide information in different formats to help people move around Pakistan in a much more convenient way. Live travel information is provided directly by Road Master and through third party organizations which used the data we make available to power apps and other services. We understand that constant improvement in services can only be achieved by listening to, and acting upon customer feedback and by engaging with communities, representative groups, businesses and many other stakeholders. Customers are at the heart of what we do, and every journey matters.

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Message from Chairman


Master Road Corporation was founded with the spirit of nationalism in 2017, with the market-leading brand name Road Master. As the Chairman, I have struggled, fought hardships and worked hard with determination to ensure the success of this business. This determination, along with my unwavering faith in the quality education that my son received from the United Kingdom and the desire to create a brand that embodies the progression of Pakistan, has allowed us not only to diligently and successfully pursue the vision I once had, but to also take this business to new heights.

Message from Chairman


The idea behind Road Master is to make it more than just a premium bus service that takes customers from one city to another. We offer a comfortable and memorable experience that is carefully crafted around the needs of our customers to give them the best journey every time. We aim to revolutionize and lead the transport industry with our state-of-the-art buses and grand terminal. The integration of technology into both our operations and services also allows us to be more efficient while adding value to the experience we provide to our customers. Moreover, Road Master for us is a brand that is created to represent Pakistan and through its journey, aims to become a source of pride for the country.

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We promise world class travel experience & ensuring pleasant journey everytime